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Information processing services
Network service Connected to the worldwide C&C-VAN service of NEC,the company links computers and communications to transmit information whenever and wherever it is needed.The company also provides a limited network service for specific industries in designated regions.
Processing service The company is commissioned to conduct the entire range of information processing for its users,thereby eliminating the need to have computers or technicians at the user's site.In response to requests for immediate processing,terminals are installed at the user's site,and an on-line service with the company's host computer is provided over telecommunications lines.
Data entry A variety of basic data is converted to media(magnetic tape,floppy disk,etc.) for computer input.
Information service Information(POS data,etc.)from information providers is processed and supplied in accordance with user requests.
Professional services
Consulting service The range of consulting includes efficiency targets for users introducing information processing systems,suitable investment estimates,and employee training programs.
System integration service The company offers comprehensive contracts to configure the most suitable system for users' needs by combining the necessary hardware and software irrespective of manufacturer.
System management service The company conducts all maintenance,management and operation of a user's computer system.Technical staff are also dispatched to a user's site upon request.
Application software development Specialized programmers develop application software,from analyzing and designing software based on user specifications to the initial operating stage.
Office automation services
Office automation equipment sales The company markets all forms of office automation equipment and related products,including personal computers,office computers.
Package software sales A wide range of package software aimed at providing low-cost office automation is available,and proposals and introductory services are provided.
Individual software development Specialized programmers develop individual software in accordance with user requests,starting with analysis and design,and extending to the initial operating stage.
Office automation equipment maintenance Specialized technicians install office automation equipment,conduct preventive maintenance,periodic inspections and repair services.
Research and development
Research and development is proceeding on welfare information equipment and services for persons with disabilities, as well as developing advanced information technologies, and applying these technologies to new information processing systems.

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